Love and Gratitude

I am grateful for the Al-Anon fellowship which gave me comfort when I was miserable with an alcoholic partner.

My life was full of chaos, nothing had gone as  planned, my expectations, the  very basic ones, were unmet and my husband’s drinking continued.

This was nine years back from today. His drinking ruined  not  only him but damaged me also.

I felt I had failed.The drinking went worse.

Finally we ended up in a rehab where I was told that alcoholism is a disease and I too was affected by living with an active alcoholic.

Al-Anon meetings were suggested to cope with the damages caused by someone else’s drinking.

I started going for Al-Anon meetings.

Something attracted me in those rooms.

I felt I had reached a place of solution for all my dilemmas.

I started getting the truth about the disease of alcoholism and also accepted slowly that there is nothing for me to do to stop his drinking.

These meetings helped me  learn that I am not the cause for someone else’s drinking, I cannot control nor can I cure.

Now I could  focus on my own characteristics and attitudes which needed  improvement.

I gained courage to accept and take responsibility for my own mistakes.After so many years Al-Anon meetings are my still favourite place to be in.

This has given me the clarity to view the issues in true perspective.

Peace and serenity are my companions and gratitude is a way of living now.

It has helped me to discover myself and stay aligned to my purpose in life.

I wish to be in Al-Anon till my last day.It has answers to everything I might need to deal with even in future.

I am thankful for those who have walked this path and carried the message.