Q: “How are You ?”
A: “He is still drinking.”

Al-Anon has but one purpose:
to help families of alcoholics.

Alcoholism can tear a family apart

Find support and tools to deal

Discover a way of life in the form of 12 steps.

Is your life affected by someone’s drinking?

There is hope, and help is available

Al-anon Family Groups - India

Is it for me?

Al-Anon is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who believe their lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Alateen is a part of Al-Anon. You may find “Is Al-Anon for you?” useful and teenagers may find “Is Alateen for You?” useful.

How does it help?

Al-anon meetings are held free of charge all over India in English, Hindi or regional languages depending on the participants. Languages spoken at meetings are listed on the meetings page.


Anonymity is one of the basic principles of Al-anon program. We do not disclose to anyone whom we see or what we hear at meetings.

Find a meeting near you in India.
Hope and help for families and friends of alcoholics.
Members Share

During the peak time of alcoholism in my life, I used to enjoy little things that required very little or even no money. In the evening after coming from the office I used to take my two children to play in the park. Before going out… read more.


I am a member of the Al-Anon family group because my life has been affected by the excessive drinking of my loved one. Alcoholism has robbed me of many things but the worst thing that Alcoholism has done to me.. read more.

Self Esteem

I am grateful for the Al-Anon fellowship which gave me comfort when I was miserable with an alcoholic partner. My life was full of chaos, nothing had gone as planned, my expectations, the very basic ones, were unmet.. read more

Love and Gratitude

Any individual can join Al-Anon if he or she is troubled by another person’s drinking.
If you are unfamiliar with Al-Anon and are wondering whether Al-Anon might be helpful for you take a look at our ‘Is Al-Anon for You?’┬ápage.
This is the official website of Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups of India.