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It takes courage to write with complete honesty—but finding that courage is a step forward toward recovery, for you as well as for those who read your sharing. You don’t have to be a professional writer. Find the guidelines for submitting your personal stories here.

Self Esteem

SELF ESTEEM I am a member of the Al-Anon family group because my life has been affected by the excessive drinking of my loved one. Alcoholism has robbed me of many things but the worst thing that Alcoholism has done to me is that it robbed me of my self-esteem. As a child, I already had a low self-esteem, alcoholism only added to the low self-esteem. When I came to Al-Anon, I had to use all the aspects of the…

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Love and Gratitude

Love and Gratitude I am grateful for the Al-Anon fellowship which gave me comfort when I was miserable with an alcoholic partner. My life was full of chaos, nothing had gone as  planned, my expectations, the  very basic ones, were unmet and my husband’s drinking continued. This was nine years back from today. His drinking ruined  not  only him but damaged me also. I felt I had failed.The drinking went worse. Finally we ended up in a rehab where I…

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